Founded in 2012, nailmatic is a French company combining beauty and innovation. Glamorous, nail-friendly and trend-setting—nailmatic has turned nail polish into a fashion accessory. Non-toxic nail polish lovingly made in France. You can compose your custom-made cabinet and find a selection of ready-made accessories!


Plant-based nail polishes

Our nail polishes are fashion items with an ambitious formulation. It’s plant-based, using natural origin and renewable ingredients, for a lighter environmental impact, while boasting excellent wear.

Nailmatic Kids : especially for children

nailmatic Kids nail polishes

Nail polish remains a highly coveted treasure at home? With nailmatic kids onboard, it becomes a safe imitation game. A water-based range, designed for fun, especially formulated for children. An instant success followed by dedicated lip glosses and glitter body gels.

Bath fun just for kids

After nail polishes and glitters, we decided to focus on grooming, to make it rhyme with partying. Because it’s an everyday challenge to teach them how to get clean (parents know better…). So we’ve created bath products with irresistibubble effects that respect children’ sensitive skin: coloring and fizzing bath bombs, crackling bath salts, hair and body shower foam.

Gifts ideas for children

We’re always first to get the party started with gift sets full of surprises. 100% Kids, 100% Fun, packed with care.