Dëna Overview


At dëna we are parents. We like to spend time with our children and bond with them. We like to play and we like to let them play wild and free. We like simple toys that stimulate their imagination and creativity. We like Montessori and we like Waldorf. And we really like wooden toys, but one day we realized that wood doesn’t adapt well to the needs of younger children, who instinctively bite, hit or throw their toys…
So we decided to create dëna!

  • Dentición - Características - Dëna Toys Play
  • Vista - Características - Dëna Toys Sight
  • Tacto - Características - Dëna Toys Touch
  • Habilidades motoras finas - Características - Dëna Toys Fine motor skills
  • Habilidades motoras gruesas - Características - Dëna Toys Gross motor skills
  • Creatividad - Características - Dëna Toys Creativity

The ideal toy for all stages of a child’s development

dëna toys are designed to entertain and have fun with, to encourage imagination and creativity, and at the same time contribute to the psychomotor development of the child.
The safety of dëna toys enables the child to play freely. Freedom in the way children play and express themselves is vital for their future development.