Curve by Cache Coeur

Curve nursing pads are designed with the best of technology, with the unique French savoir faire, made with two years of research. Curve breastfeeding pads are very performant thanks to their 3D breathable technology:  they are anti-odor with a fast maternal milk evacuation and a fast 8 minutes dry against your skin; they are anti-bacterial and super comfortable.

The breastfeeding pads are perfectly invisible thanks to their unique ergonomic shape and can be adapted to your different bra shapes. Your pads will stay in place with their anti-slip gel. Our Curve nursing pads are washable, sustainable and economical, according to our eco responsible commitment. To reduce our environmental footprint and to ensure more quality, our Curve nursing pads are entirely made in France with materials, respectful for nursing moms’ health. Discover 5 reasons to love Curve!


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