We are a British brand on a mission to make a positive difference for children and parents in the feeding and messy play space.

Childhood and parenthood are some of the most amazing adventures in our lives and Bibado wants to help you enjoy every second. We want to encourage a love of curiosity within both children and parents. We do this through designing products to provide practical solutions, which also empower, educate and help you have fun. Adventuring around mealtimes and exploration through play is our number 1.

Our Story

Bibado was founded by Rachel, after a very messy mealtime with her twin daughters. There was no solution to help keep her twin girls clean whilst they were thoroughly enjoying eating spaghetti bolognaise. They also happened to equally enjoy covering themselves, the highchair and the floor. So Rachel cut up an old umbrella to keep the mess at bay, whilst allowing her daughters to carry on exploring. The problem was solved and our award-winning Bibado Coverall was born.

Spring forward a few years and we now are helping 1 in 6 families in the UK stay mess-free and stress-free. Introducing and exploring new foods, as well as positive mealtime experiences are fundamental skills for babies to develop happy and healthy eating habits. We are delighted to be able to support so many people in that journey. And we have a growing range of new products to help parents and children on their adventure. With the help of our amazing community of customers, we are always looking to develop new and innovative ways to help parents and babies make the most out of the amazing adventures in early childhood.


Does the Bibado Coverall fit all highchairs? Yes, it fits a huge range of high chairs, most prams and table-ends too!

Is the Bibado Coverall machine washable? Yes it’s machine washable 40 degrees.

Can the Bibado Coverall go in the tumble dryer? Yes it can, on a low heat.

What fabric is the Bibado Coverall made from? The new Bibado Coverall Weaning Bib is made from Polyester with a PU coating. It is entirely free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC and has been tested to the highest international safety standards.

How long is the Coverall Weaning Bib? Measuring from the central collar to the bottom, it is 50cms long

What size are the cuffs on the long-sleeve Coverall? The cuffs are generously sized to fit little ones aged 6-36months.

Can you use the Handi Cutlery without the straps too? Yes you can use our weaning cutlery with or without the straps. The straps are there to support your Little One as they learn to use cutlery to increase their confidence. once they’re no longer needed, just use as regular cutlery without the strap.