About the Company

We care about every momma’s breastfeeding journey and want our products to improve your experience! Our eco-friendly breast milk bags provide a plastic-free breast milk storage option that conveniently fits in the fridge and freezer, and is dishwasher-safe!

Our mission is to simplify your life and help create a brighter future by providing a simple and reusable breast milk storage alternative. 


Simplicity: Junobie chooses to view the simple things in life as blessings. We encourage small steps to help simplify your everyday life.

Reliability: Junobie products are designed to last. We will be with you through every step as your family grows. 

Sustainability: Junobie understands reduction and reuse are key to preserving the environment. With our eco friendly breast milk storage bags, we strive to not only save your milk, but also our planet. 

Community: Junobie recognizes that parenting is no easy task. That’s why we strive to create a judgment-free community where parents can support other parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Silicone breast milk storage bags?

  • Silicone is naturally resistant to bacteria, fungus, and mold. Our Silicone is made using 100% FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone to provide you with a plastic free breast milk storage experience. 

    Are your products dishwasher and freezer safe?

    • Yes. Our reusable breast milk storage bags are safe in the dishwasher (top rack only), microwave, freezer, or oven (up to 250 degrees).

    How to clean my silicone bag?

    • Always first sterilize the silicone pouch by using hot boiling water or another sterilization method.**
    • You may hand wash your breast milk bag  with dish soap and warm water and let air dry. Some scented washing products may leave a residue, odor, or taste in the silicone so we like to recommend using products with little to no scent. Please note that phosphate-free dishwashing soap may cause silicone to hold onto certain smells/taste. This is not considered a risk to your infant/toddler/or child. Adding some white vinegar or a non-toxic rinse aid to your wash cycle can solve it. 

    How to remove Odors from Silicone:

    •  In case of unwanted odors or tastes in the silicone, we recommend trying the following methods:
    • Heat oven to 250 degrees and place  silicone bag on a cookie sheeting inside of the oven. Set a timer for 30 minutes (check every 10 minutes or so to be sure scent is gone). Repeat until the scent is gone. Silicone is stable at high temperatures so you bag will be fine.
    •  Us a non-toxic rinse agent in your dishwasher to help reduce smells/taste.
    •  Place your silicone bag in boiling hot water and white vinegar using the ratio of 1 cup of vinegar for every two cups of hot water. Soap your breast milk bag for 45 minutes and then gently scrub. White vinegar is used to reduce mineral build-up from hard water and can be uses regularly without harming the dish. Please be sure to rinse thoroughly.
    • Place a mixture of white vinegar and backing soda while using a ratio of 1 tbsp. of white vinegar to 2 tbsp. of baking soda. Please let this mixture sit overnight on the bag. Rinse and let air dry. 

    Imitation or Counterfeit Products

    • The Junobie Eco-friendly and Reusable breastmilk storage bag was designed to store small amounts of breastmilk and is the first and only breastmilk storage bag of its kind currently being offered to breastfeeding and breast pumping women on the market. We currently have NO BUSINESS relationships with any specialty boutiques or retail stores. As we add wholesale vendors we will inform. 
    • We ask that loyal customers of our brand be careful about counterfeit products. We do not provide customer service or support for products purchases on unauthorized websites. We are aware that many counterfeits may look similar to the Junobie bag, but they do not have the same quality standards.
    • We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

    I received a defective bag. Now what?

    • Accidents happen and as parents we understand this....we are more than happy to replace a defective product. Please email us at info@kidzdistrict.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    Can I return my Junobie Bag?

    • No, Breastfeeding products are considered personal care items and CAN NOT be returned once the seal is broken! All Sales are FINAL! SORRY, NO REFUNDS.