Nailmatic Kids - Stickers for kids - Magic Nails
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Nailmatic Kids - Stickers for kids - Magic Nails

Magic nails is a set of 72 nail stickers for kids. 
SO EASY: just stick one on each nail and let them escape into the play of their choice. A bliss for natural born storytellers!

A safe, fun and creative manicure
How does it work? Easy: stick it on, then stick it out when the game is over. Simple as that. 
How long does it last? 1 or 2 days, provided it’s been applied evenly, on clean nails. Washing hands don’t take it out but a bath does. Please remove the sticker so it does not disappear with the water (not environment friendly). 
After use, dispose in a recycling bin or give it a second life in their favorite notebook.

Recyclable packaging. 
Made in South Korea.

1 sheet with 72 stickers